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The FDA Cleared Epilady Lice Zapper is an electric comb that zaps lice dead as you comb through the hair. Safe for people of all ages.

The Epilady Lice Zapper is our newest generation of electronic pest removal combs. It provides a safe, effective and chemical-free solution to a very common problem - lice. The Lice Zapper detects and kills lice on contact, while grooming the hair. The tight comb is electrically charged and releases a discharge that kills the lice without causing harm or discomfort to the human they are attached to! It is child-friendly, safe and easy to use, and very effective. Includes cleaning brush and instruction manual. Battery-operated (1 AAA, not included).
Always use on dry head.
Best if used after the hair has been combed or brushed to get out any tangles in the hair. The Lice Zapper's tines are very close together.
Use it on a daily basis after the lice infestation has been detected. Normally, after a couple of weeks of use, all the lice will be gone. It can't be any faster than that due to the life-cycle of the louse.
How does the Lice Zapper work?

Answer: The Lice Zapper is an electric lice removal comb. As you comb the infested hair, the Lice Zapper will discharge a small electrical charge that is enough to kill or immobilize the lice, but is safe to humans.

Will it kill all the lice?

Answer: Independent laboratory research fund the Lice Zapper effective up to 100% kill-rate on lice. It may be that some lice are not killed on contact, but they will be immobilized and can be combed out of the hair and disposed of.

Will it kill the nits as well?

Answer: No, it will not. The Lice Zapper is effective in killing mature lice. Use it as part of a lice control program, in which you will treat the infested hair daily to remove any lice that have hatched from the nits, before they are able to lay more eggs.

Is it safe to ue on small children?

Answer: Yes, the Lice Zapper is safe to use on humans of any age. The electrical discharge is very small, yet strong enough to kill the lice. It causes no harm or discomfot to the treated person.

This is new to me. How long has the Lice Zapper been around?

Answer: W have been making the Lica Zapper series of products as private label products and they have been sold all over the world for almost 20 years. This is the first time we have sold this product under the Epilady brand in the US.

Why should I buy the Lice Zapper?

Answer: The Lice Zapper is safe, chemical-free and effective. For a one-time purchase, you can use this product for many people and for many years. No need to buy more and more chemicals to treat lice.
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