Epilady Legend 4 - our best seller!The ultimate rechargeable epilator for perfect hair removal.

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Our 4th generation Legend - we took all our customer input over the years and made our best epilator ever! Faster, smoother epilator head, improved electrical system, and improved gearing system.

Wide epilating head ensures fast and smooth epilating action.

Dual-voltage power adaptor (110V - 240V) for easy use overseas.

Fast motor gives you 32,000 tweezes per minute.

Removes even the shortest and finest hair by the root, leaving skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks.

May be used on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face.

Ergonomic design including rubber touch at gripping points to ensure a firm and non-slip hold.

Perfect Angle Guide (included) ensures the best epilation results right out of the box.

May be used corded or cordless. Charge lasts up to 60 minutes - enough for more than two full epilations.

Two operating speeds.

Kit includes adaptor, Perfect Angle Guide, cleaning brush, carrying case, and instruction manual.
Always epilate after a warm shower or bath, so the skin will be warm and the pores and hair shafts will be open. This will make the epilation more efficient and cause less discomfort.

Wait for 30-60 minutes after you epilate before you put on any creams or moisturizers. It is best to use an all-natural moisturizer, like pure aloe, or our After Epilation Lotion, for the first few days after epilating.

If you are using the Legend 4 as a corded machine, it is best to fully charge the machine (8 hours) every 2-3 months. The power for the motor comes directly from the batteries, so it will work best when they have some "juice" left in them. If you do not charge periodically, you will notice that the machine slows down while you epilate. A full charge will fix it.

Clean your machine after every use. Use the brush to gently wisk away loose hairs. Blowing on the epilating head is a great way to clean it. At our service center, we use a bottle of compressed air to blow high pressure wind on the epilating head while it is rotating to get all the stubborn hairs off.

DO NOT remove the silver bar from the epilating head. It holds the head together, and under tension, so it will fuction properly.
The Epilady Legend 4th Generation Epilator is a powerful comprehensive personal body groomer that removes any unwanted body hair by the root, keeping you smooth and clean for up to 6 weeks. Fast yet gentle, the Legend removes hair from your legs, arms, underarms and sensitive areas like your face, bikini area, stomach, or back.

Featuring the most advanced patented technologies perfected over 30 years of cutting edge research and pioneering the epilation market, the Epilady Legend 4’s powerful motor generates 32,000 tweezing actions per minute. A wide head with 40 stainless steel tweezer discs covers a larger area to remove more hair in less time. Two operating speeds let you chose your convenient pace to minimize any discomfort and accommodate the sensitivity of the area treated.

In epilation, there is a tradeoff between speed and effectiveness in removing the hair by the root. The faster an epilator works, the more hair breaks, rather than being pulled by the root. Slower epilation speed will provide a more complete removal of hair from the root which will not grow back again for weeks to come. The Epilady Legend 4 is specifically designed to work at the highest speed that still allows for a thorough epilation with minimum breakage of hair. Consideration should also be given to the area of the body treated. For legs and arms, where hair tends to be coarser, it is recommended to epilate using the faster speed since hair is more resilient to breakage. For finer hair or sensitive areas, slower epilation speed is recommended.

The Epilady Legend 4 easily handles even the shortest, finest hair so you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow more than 0.5mm between applications – equivalent to a 2-day old stubble you typically have after shaving. It will also remove the coarse hair on your body and face. Unlike some hair removal methods, the Legend will remove hair of any color, including blond, black, browns and light grays. Consistent use of the Legend will result in finer hair and easier removal over time, similar to eyebrow plucking.

Epilady’s proprietary and exclusive epilating head includes an Anti-Pinch technology that will help prevent pinching of your skin by the machine. As you stretch your skin taut during an epilation session, the Epilady Legend 4 will glide over it gently, removing the hair without gripping your skin. This same Anti-Pinch technology will also create a gentle massaging action to stimulate your skin and reduce discomfort.

Funneled tweezers help the Epilady Legend 4 grip more hair, lifting and pulling even the shortest and finest hair for an efficient and quick operation. The Legend features stainless steel to stainless steel tweezers for superior grip and hygienic epilation.

Ergonomically designed to fit your hand, the Epilady Legend 4 has a unique rubber-touch grip for a firm, non-slip confident hold. Epilady’s unique Perfect Angle Guide, developed in the US, ensures optimal results and fast operation with each use.

On the go? The Epilady Legend 4 is ready to be your travel companion with a multi-voltage power adaptor (100V – 240V) compatible with any domestic or overseas electricity requirements, and a convenient carrying pouch. Plug it in and use it corded, or charge it and use it cordless, with the same power either way. Fully charged, the Epilady Legend 4 will run up to 60 minutes or more – enough for two full epilation sessions.

Your Epilady Legend 4 is easy to clean and maintain. After each use, simply remove the epilator head cap, and brush away any excess hair using the cleaning brush included with your kit and get your Legend ready for your next use. Ready to work wherever, whenever you need it, the Epilady Legend 4 is brought to you by the company you have trusted since 1986 for innovative solutions. Since inventing the first epilators nearly 30 years ago, Epilady has solely focused on improving epilation technologies and has been the leading global provider of cutting edge epilators and hair removal systems around the world.
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