Epilady Face Epil Battery Operated Facial and Sensitive Areas Epilator

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Our brand new Epilady Face Epil is specifically designed for use on facial hair, or on sensitive areas (bikini, underarms, etc.).

Removes even the shortest and finest hairs, leaving skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.

Small and compact; easily fits in small bags, pouches, and purses.

The Face Epil has 6 tweezers, finely tuned, to remove both coarse and fine facial hair, as well as body hair from sensitive areas.

Perfect for the Upper Lip, Cheeks, and Chin area.

May be used on other parts of the body for touchups and delicate work.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Uses 1 AA Battery (not included).
Thoroughly cleanse your face with cleanser or soap and warm water before epilating.

Make sure there is no makeup or moisturizer residue on your face before epilating.

Epilate gently against the direction of hair growth. Do not apply any moisturizers or creams until 30-60 minutes after you have finished epilating, to avoid clogging the hair shafts. Let them close naturally.
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