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Epilady Classic

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The fast and easy way to remove hair from your body. The Epilady Classic, our all-time best seller (millions sold!) is back.

Due to popular demand, and repeated requests from our veteran Epilady fans, we have brought the Classic back into the market. The Epilady Classic is the same as it was when Epilady first launched, so if you like the coil-style epilators from Epilady, the Classic is for you!

The Epilady Classic removes hair by the root, for results that last for up to 4 weeks. It will grab even the smallest hairs for great results on arms and legs.

Corded use only.

Please note that we have only a few hundred of these in stock.

Kit includes:
Epilady Classic coil epilator
Dual voltage 110/220v power adapter
Travel pouch
Instruction manual
Use after a warm shower or bath, when the pores and hair shafts are open. It will be easier to get the hairs out then.

Do not apply any creams, moisturizers or astringents to your epilated skin for at least 30 minutes after epilation. Allow the pores and hair shafts to close naturally.

Stretch your skin with your free hand while epilating - this will reduce the discomfort, and help the machine epilate better.

Work from the ankle up, making small circular motions along the way.

For epilating behind the knee, try to keep your leg straight to stretch the skin.

Do not apply pressure on the skin while epilating. hold the epilator lightly on your skin - like skimming your fingers on your legs. Pressing down on your skin will push the hairs down and make it very difficult for the epilator to grab the hair. If you press down too hard, the machine is designed to stop rotating. To restart, all you need to do is release the pressure.
Is this the same as the old original Epilady?
Yes. This is the same machine. So, if you have held on to your old one for 20 years, this is the time to get a new one.

Can I use the Classic overseas?
Yes. The Classic comes with a 110/220V adapter, so you can use it anywhere. You will need a plug adapter for overseas travel. The model comes with a US-ready plug.
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